Gjusta’s Opening Week

Like most people in Venice, I am a huge fan of the Gjelina restaurants – Gjelina and Gjelina Take Away (GTA). It’s a little dangerous that I live walking distance from them because I can’t resist their yogurt/granola, iced tea, kale salad, breakfast toasts, fresh pizza, turkey sandwiches, etc. When I heard Gjelina was opening a bread-specialty spot – Gjusta – last week on October 29th I knew it would be a place I needed to try as soon as possible. Although slightly further away from the other Gjelina spots, the nice Venice walk to an unexpected Sunset Avenue location makes arriving even sweeter.

Gjusta is set up with glass display cases all the way down the space with dynamic breakfast, lunch and deli items. Trendy white brick walls and a beautiful marble bar that wraps around the coffee station on top of a light wood floor create a vibe nearly as mouth watering as the food. Inside there are sporadic counter spaces for eating indoors and outside you will find a few benches to be shared while enjoying food and people-watching the members of Gold’s Gym.

This particular trip was breakfast minded but next time I  definitely want to test some lunch items as well. Filled with Venice locals sporting the typical off-duty scruffy/over sized tee/sunglasses/fresh sneakers look (that I love) accompanied by the sound of tourists’ foreign languages, it’s easy for Gjusta to fit into the Venice regime. In addition to its warm ambiance, the food looked so exquisite that it took a good chunk of time to pick what to order and to take it all in. My friend and I both decided on the bialy egg sandwich and we were both drooling when we opened the deli paper covering our breakfast goods.

My breakfast (pictured below) was a surprisingly light combo of just the right amount of over medium egg, gruyere cheese, arugula, sprouts, pesto spread and thick cut bacon on a sesame bialy. Not over stuffed or topped, this particular breakfast sandwich didn’t leave me feeling overfed like others tend to do. this particular dish comes with so many alternative choices that I can’t wait to try next time!












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