Tassel Town, USA

After moving into my new place a few weeks ago, I’ve been looking for ways to decorate and add some color to my all-white room. A co-worker reminded me of these tassel decorations that I’ve always loved so I decided to make some for my room in my favorite colors: mint, gold and white. Similar to the yarn pom-poms I made last winter, these dangling decorations brighten up any room and can even be used for your office or (in my case) cubicle at work.

What you’ll need:
Tissue paper, any color
Twist ties
String or ribbon
Nails or push pins for hanging


1. Fold paper in half twice and cut strips up to the folded side, leaving about one-inch of space


2. Cut the tissue paper in half so that you have two pieces of fringed paper


3. Unfold the cut half (you’ll have two layers per half) and roll against the fold


4. Roll the tissue paper into a loop at the top; I like to secure with a twist tie to make sure it will stay looped


5. Each piece of tissue paper will make 2 tassels; repeat as desired


6. String tassels onto yarn or ribbon for hanging; you can use twist ties again to keep each one in place on the string or just let hang


7.String together in any order and hang!






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