Marathon Monday

It’s no secret at Boston University that we lack certain characteristics of a “traditional” college – we don’t have a football team anymore, a central campus, Greek houses or anything that typically comes with those three aspects of college life. We travel to places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Colorado to indulge in activities with our high school friends who chose more college-y schools than us and when we return to Boston we either ask ourselves: Why didn’t we go there? or How did we survive this weekend?

It’s a blessing in disguise that our campus is in a city because we can make our experience as college as want while being able to escape to the city for a day or night of urban fun. There’s one day of the year though that every Boston student can agree on that epitomizes the idea of college. That day is Patriot’s Day or as we know it, Marathon Monday.

Sororities produce matching t-shirts, fraternities and teams hold day parties outside, school is cancelled throughout the city, there is cheering and high energy all day and students emerge from their apartments – earlier than if they had an 8am class – to get the celebrations started. Marathon Monday is like one huge football game without the rivals. We’re all on the same team, cheering for the same people and celebrating the same cause. After the 2013 Marathon events, this year was especially celebrated and a huge part of our college experience. Growing up in LA with several rivalries – UCLA vs USC or Clippers vs Lakers – it’s refreshing to participate in a city event that isn’t divided. So when someone asks me for a “traditional” story of my time in college in Boston, I will fondly describe Marathon Monday.





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