90s Kids, Again

Every season, trends get more and more extravagant and even tend to repeat. For example, I remember wearing crop tops when I was three years-old and then all of a sudden they’re all the college girl rage again. The same goes for graphic tees we tend to call “vintage” with images like the Ninja Turtles on them. Then there’s the reemergence of overalls that I think have surprised me most. I was all about the OshKosh B’gosh as a kid and now these onesies are extremely trendy – go figure! Never did I think I would be wearing them again but I also never thought I’d wear sneakers with jeans – huge taboo that has now become my go-to outfit for class.

These trends seem to be going from coast to coast and can’t be claimed as a west or east coast thing, which is beneficial for my wallet. I think I’d really have to find the perfect pair of overalls to try out that trend but I am enjoying this ode to the 90s.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.07.54 PM

Salsit “Alexa” overalls, Sam Edelman “Genette” sandals, Ninja Turtles tank, gold chain necklace


Me circa 1995

Looking forward to see how others style these throwback trends!




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