All Black Erry-Spring

I went to New York last week to surprise my mom for her birthday and I am always happy to say that packing for NYC is pretty easy compared to other cities. No matter which season, New Yorkers can get away with wearing all black all the time. Before coming east for college, I was a fan of black but it definitely wasn’t a staple in my closet. Now, I find that everything I buy is black or some derivative of an extremely dark color – grey, purple, navy, etc. While black is convenient, it can be pretty harsh and overdone at times. I think all black outfits are sleek and cool but nothing brightens a mood on a crappy day like a wrist full of colorful bangles or a neon accessory.

For those of you not willing to give up black this spring, here are some ways to lighten your look without sacrificing your already stocked closet.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.26.10 AM




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