Brown Butter Bacon Doughnut

Sunday Brunch is a sweet and savory indulgence. Not only because you have the choice of ordering challah French toast or an egg white frittata but because Sunday Brunch is typically spent with good friends, loved ones and/or out-of-towners. This most recent Sunday Brunch, I had the honor of being surrounded by all three types of company – my best friend visiting from California, my roommate, best Boston friends and sorority sisters. Our fascination, though, wasn’t with the company or the place but with the brown butter bacon doughnut that we ordered as an appetizer on a whim.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 5.58.35 PM

(photo via my Instagram @zoegillespie)

Take a second look at that baby. This doughnut didn’t just amaze me and my friends – in fact this doughnut impressed 107 (and counting) of my Instagram followers enough for a “like” which, might I add, is more likes than I typically get on a picture of me. Yes that’s correct: my friends prefer a photo of a bacon doughnut to a photo of me. That in itself says a lot about this sweet yet savory treat.

I don’t even really know what brown butter is, but it was delicious. Island Creek Oyster Bar, the home of this show-stopper, located in Kenmore Square was our brunch spot of choice and it did not disappoint! Everything from the service to the Bloody Marys and mouth-watering brunch menu was everything we wanted it to be and more. The doughnut itself was incredibly dynamic and interesting – sweet exterior with soft interior, topped with savory crispy bacon and sugar. I drool just thinking about it. We split this treat 9 ways as we weren’t sure what to expect and the moment it arrived we regretted our camaraderie.

All in all it was a wonderful start to our Sunday – thanks mostly to this doughnut – and we will surely be back. Hope to see you there!




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