Through My Aviators

I initially started this blog as a way to collect my ideas and track my journey through college on the opposite coast from where I grew up. Combining my loves of travel, cooking, exploring and style was my inspiration for the name Two Coast Love. Through living in LA (after being born in NY) and now Boston and having been able to travel to Europe to visit family almost annually, I have truly come to appreciate these places – these coasts. Spending the past few days in Europe has reminded me of what I’m passionate about and inspired for what it is to come from the past four years.

It’s pretty common for me to be seen wearing my aviator sunglasses – whether it is my California roots or to protect my eyes from the dry winters in Mass. depends on the day I suppose – and they are always my go-to accessory. Aside from being practical they also conceal tired morning lids, eye rolls and the occasional wink. In my upcoming posts I plan on sharing more of what goes on behind my sunglasses.

 As I complete my college career, I am reminded of why I started Two Coast Love as a freshman and look forward to all it has to bring in the future – so stay tuned!



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