Upper West – Los Angeles

While in LA a few weeks back, I hit up all of my favorite food spots. I’m such a creature of habit – especially when I don’t have a lot of time to spend at home – that I rarely try new restaurants. On my last night, though, my brother and his girlfriend took me to one of their favorites:  Upper West on Pico Blvd. & 34th St. We used Groupon Reservations – which I had never heard of before! – to secure a table (and in doing so received 15% off of our meal). I ordered their raspberry mojito, we all split the braised pork belly appetizer and as an entree I went classic with a twist with Upper West’s “The Burger.”


The raspberry mojito had a bit of a syrupy taste where fresh raspberries could have been used and the mint was a little too scarce for my liking. My brother picked the beer sampling which turned out to be a good choice.


The braised pork belly appetizer (braised pork belly / fennel-apple & chorizo hash / harissa / prosciutto craklin / tomato syrup) was delicious though and had a surprising spicy taste that I was not expecting –  I am a huge fan of spicy so it was perfect! Oops forgot to take a photo.

The burger though was pretty spectacular; house grind topped with arugula, balsamic-walla walla onion marmalade and a goat cheese spread. The spread was just enough of a creamy flavor to compliment the sour arugula and sweet onions without overpowering the burger.

All in all it was a great meal in a fun atmosphere – dim lighting, full bar and glass windows separating sections made it intimate yet social at the same time. Worth a try, for sure!




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