Bedroom Eyes: Austin, Texas

One of my favorite things is interior design so seeing my college friends’ rooms for the first time is always interesting to me. Whether it is a dorm room or apartment, each one is unique and a representation of their personal style. A room is so intimate and a true look into the owner’s personality – it is rare that we see what our friends are like when we’re not around. For this reason I’m starting a series called Bedroom Eyes that will spotlight my favorite rooms and where to find the awesome items featured.

The first room I love and want to share is my sorority grand-little Alexann’s room. Alexann is from the south and her bedroom is decorated in a rustic, desert-inspired manner that makes me feel like we are in her hometown of Austin, Texas. I love her use of muted colors, opposing textures and patterns, animal figures and lots of candles. Here are a few views of her room and where to get my favorite things in it.

All photos by the amazing David Appolonia. See more of his work here:




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Alexann (pictured above) says her go-to places for decorating include local Austin stores like Wildflower OrganicsUncommon Objects, Mockingbird Domestics, Spartan and JM Dry Goods.

Here’s my take on her fresh and cool room:

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 3.17.59 PM

1. Shimmered Dhurrie

2. Ziggy Chair

3. Threshold Knit

4. Mercury Pattern Votives

5. Copperwood Mirror

6. Magical Thinking Bison Skull Decor


Until next time, you can find more

inspiration on Instagram: @twocoastlove


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