Sweet Timing

As frigid weather and snow approach the east coast, it seems like the perfect time to share this recipe/technique for freshly baked cookies made easy. The night my friends and I returned to Boston from winter break was rainy and lazy aka perfect for a movie and homemade sweets. I read about this article in the February 2014 issue of InStyle while on the plane from LAX and needless to say my mouth was salivating mid-flight. My favorite part about the recipe is the call for salt because I am a huge fan of sweet and savory.

Another aspect of the recipe/article I found helpful and beneficial is the idea to freeze batter for easy baking use later. After making a few cookies for my friends, I rolled up the rest of the dough into individual mounds and froze them on a cookie sheet. Once frozen, I put the dough into baggies in the freezer and now we can have homemade cookies whenever we want!


What you’ll need:

*I edited the recipe slightly; the original calls for vanilla extract but I made mine without and – due to last minute baking – I switched the brown & cane sugar amounts based on my inventory

Preheat oven to 375˚F

– 2 sticks of unsalted butter

– 2 eggs

– 2 cups flour

– 1 tsp salt (and more for flavor)

– 1 cup of brown sugar

– 2/3 cup white cane sugar

– 3/4 tsp baking powder

– 10 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips

– chopped walnuts, optional


Gather your ingredients!


Melt butter in a saucepan at low heat to avoid burning; mix sugars until combined well and then add the eggs one at a time, mixing well in between each addition (if using vanilla extract, this is when you should add it)1545589_10201358856867548_435843170_n

In another bowl mix the flour, baking powder and salt; slowly add this mixture in thirds to the sugar/butter mixture


Keep mixing until flour and butter mixtures are completely combined and smooth; add chocolate chips


Using your hands – or a spoon first – make small mounds of the cookie dough and place on lightly greased cookie sheet1530471_10201358855467513_166841045_n

Flatten slightly with a fork (and top with walnuts, if you choose); sprinkle salt over each one and bake at 375˚F for approximately 10 minutes – or more if you like crispier cookies (move from the top shelf to the bottom halfway through for a chewier cookie)


 To freeze, simply repeat the dough mound making step and put cookie tray in the freezer until dough is frozen then remove and place mounds into zip lock baggies for freezer storage. When in the mood for an individual cookie, bake the same way as instructed above!





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