Feng Shui-ing Small Spaces

Over the past four years in college I have constantly re-organized and switched up my dorm/apartment rooms. From moving staple furniture pieces to trying out new color schemed or photo walls the challenge in an on campus dormitory is making a 6″ x 10″ space feel like your bedroom at home – spacious, cozy and comfortable. While I’ve gained some knowledge on how to make practical and beneficial changes, I’m sure this will continue to be the challenge  for the next four years in my starter-apartment post graduation . . .

Some of my favorite stores for sprucing up my room are Urban Outfitters, West Elm and Anthropologie. This weekend I took a spontaneous trip to the West Elm near my apartment and found some great little trinkets to add to my dresser area in my room. I scored three speckled silver candle holders, two matching vases and a new sham for one of my pillows. One thing I love about West Elm – aside from their great room set ups and fun little items that make me wander the store for hours – is that they give a student discount (even on top of already reduced priced items). A tip for small rooms is using accents of bright colors or shiny, textured items to add eye-catching areas throughout the room.

As seen below, just adding a few items makes a huge difference to a dresser/bedroom setting.





 1604931_10201370921609159_1052746737_n 1536625_10201370920249125_1197448674_n  1010462_10201370918409079_1813074034_n

pictured items:

necklace branch – Urban Outfitters

hand ring holder – LF

“Z” monogram letter – Urban Outfitters

fish bowl – Anthropologie

candle holders & vases – West Elm



pillows – (white/grey) West Elm, (patterned) Waverly brand & (gold) West Elm

As always my room could use a few extra things here and there but for now these additions are just what I was looking for!




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