Potpourri – What’s That?

For those of you going to holiday parties, spending Christmas with your boyfriend’s family, or have a large group of friends you want to give a gift to – here is an easy, but cute, DIY gift idea: potpourri Mason jars. If you’re sitting at your computer trying to figure out what potpourri (pote-pour-e) is, it’s that yummy smelling assortment of stuff that gets put into a baggie and placed in your sock drawer. While potpourri bags usually get forgotten about until move-out day, these jars can be put on display and uncapped to make any room look and smell amazing – plus the name makes them seem fancy!


What you’ll need:

– Mason jars

– Chalkboard spray paint (optional, see my post on Mason jars)

– Small gift bags (I chose gold/silver sparkly ones from Michael’s craft store)

– Bag of potpourri (available at most home goods, craft, or hardware store)

– Red ribbon (or any color of your choice)

Step-by-step instructions aren’t really needed for this easy craft, so here are some explanatory photos instead:



Happy crafting!



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