Sparkly Pom-Poms

Living on the east coast during the holiday season definitely has its benefits. While I can’t head to the beach on a whim after class, we in Boston get to sport cute Zara jackets and fun mittens, wake up to a perfect (almost) layer of snow on the ground, visit famous store windows, and have a realistic need for warm drinks like mulled wine and hot coco. Sure, I did all of these things back in LA but it’s so much more special when you need to bundle up otherwise you won’t feel your toes anymore.

One of my favorite parts about the holidays is decorating. Here is my DIY guide to making yarn pom-pom decorations inspired by the current decor in Free People locations.


What you’ll need:

– Yarn of any color (I chose white with sparkles)

– Scissors


*This spool yielded about 20 pom-poms


1. Start by cutting a 12″ piece of yarn and put it aside; this will be used to tie the pom-pom at the end.


2. Take the end still connected to the spool of yarn and start wrapping it tightly around 4 of your fingers; if you want a smaller pom-pom, go for 3 or 2 fingers.


3. Continue to wrap around and around.


4. And around, until the layers get quite thick; the more layers you put, the thicker/larger your pom-pom will be.


5. Once you have wrapped the yarn to your liking, cut it from the spool; then, taking the 12″ piece, feed it under the layers and tie a knot in the center of it (see above).


6. Once you have one side knotted, feed the pieces of yarn through your index and middle finger so that it goes to the other side of your hand; using the other part of the yarn used for the initial knot, make a second knot here. In the end, you’ll want to have one knot on either side of your hand, in the center of the layered yarn.


7. Remove the yarn from your fingers. Your end result should look like a bow with 2 longer strings of yarn from the knot (see above). To ensure the structure before cutting, I recommend making one more knot on each side, still using that piece of yarn.


8. Take your scissors and put the blade through one of the loops of the “bow.” Cut all the way through, making sure that the knot does not get cut.


9. Do the same to the other side of the “bow” and trim the pom-pom if any of the yarn pieces seem to be different lengths.


10. You can attach a longer piece of yarn to the pom-pom to making hanging decorations (pictured above) or tie it to a gift as a cute wrapping addition (pictured below).


Happy decorating!




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