Calling All Kale Lovers

This past summer I had the pleasure (and benefit) of living with roommates who were healthy but appreciated indulging in delicious food. I didn’t understand their obsession with kale until I tried it for myself. My favorite kale salad is from Tender Greens in Los Angeles but after trying a few variations, I have come up with an easy, quick kale salad recipe of my own. Kale is a tough green that can last for a few hours in dressing before welting which makes this a great salad for a young professional – or “yopro” – on the go.

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What you’ll need:

– Bag of fresh, organic kale (Trader Joe’s) OR fresh stalk of kale (any grocery store will have this)

*if cutting off the stalk, be sure to wash thoroughly first; if you like a crunch, leave the stalk; if you prefer a more leafy salad, pull the kale leaves off the stalk

– One lemon, cut in half

– Pine nuts

– Pecorino cheese, shredded

*Almonds or walnuts can be substituted for pine nuts and parmesan cheese can be substituted for pecorino, depending on personal preference

– Olive oil

In large mixing bowl, throw in as much kale as you want in the portion. Lightly douce top layer of kale with olive oil and squeeze on one of the lemon halves. Add cheese and pine nuts (sparingly and dependent on your personal taste) and toss thoroughly. Depending on your pallet, the second half of lemon may be used.

If you like a fruity addition to your salads, I recommend dried cranberries.



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