Crema Cafe: Cambridge

 Every few weeks, when we start to get antsy in our Boston bubble, my roommate and I make a little trip to Cambridge for breakfast or people watching. More often than not our trips lead us to Crema Cafe on Brattle Street for a delicious breakfast – initially recommended to me during my freshman year and I’ve been hooked ever since. This time there was a line out the door (it was a Saturday afternoon) and there weren’t seats to be found but we managed to snag a ledge seat right outside. The inside, two-story seating is crowded but cozy with plenty of tables and stools for a group of any size – the setting is perfect for doing work, reading a book, or meeting with friends.

It was a beautiful afternoon, though, so we weren’t complaining about grabbing some seats outdoors. My roomie is a tea junkie and Crema has so many teas to choose from so she was pleased. I went with my usual – vanilla latte – which was good but a little too sweet and syrupy for my taste; next time I might just get a regular latte. We each grabbed a pastry and headed outside. (Note: The egg sandwiches here, served on English muffins, are so delicious and better quality than other cafes I’ve tried.)

Overall we give this place 2 thumbs up – it is always a favorite!











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