Racks on Racks on Racks

Since high school, I’ve loved having a rolling rack in my room. I use it to display all of my favorite wardrobe pieces and what I love most is how often it can be changed. Adding a few items here, taking a few off there, and BAM! your  room has a whole new vibe. I tend to organize it by the season but, depending on my mood, sometimes I’ll color-coat it or pack it full with on-the-go outfits. There’s really no right or wrong way to organize a rolling rack and yet somehow it ends up looking like a piece of art. Here are a few of my favorite rolling racks (all found on various Tumblr/Pinterest pages), concluding with my current personal display.

tumblr_mehfz8QnLv1rccngro1_500 rack-3    3cd407434eb59aee99d53fbff8ff981b 0dc15ef8c432c9fe18698e0ea467ca32

And last but not least, my latest update:





I chose to use mostly white pieces to help lighten up my room, with the occasional gold or silver sparkled top as a holiday/winter accent. I incorporated my favorite denim button down for a pop of color and my handy combat boots are conveniently lined up below for an easy outfit completion. I’m sure by next week it will be thematically different but for now it fits the mood!



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