Turn My Swag On

My favorite accessories of all time are rings – I love mixing metals, stacking and overdoing the “hand” party look with tons of different styles and materials. While I am definitely an advocate of investing money into these pieces (because I hate the look of green skin after a day of rings), there are some that can and should be bought at a low price. These costumey jewels are meant for only a few wears and more of a laugh than a staple accessory. I scooped up the below “SWAG” rings at Forever21 for less than $6 because I just could not resist the humorous statement set.



What I love about these is that they can be worn many different ways – on one finger or spread across the knuckles in addition to some of my favorite Anarchy Street rings (pictured above). Below are some other cute and playful rings from F21 along with a list of my favorite affordable and invest-worthy shops for those timeless bands – and other jeweled goods.


$4.90 at Forever21


$3.90 at Forever21

My favorite online ring shops:

Stella & Dot

Anarchy Street


What are your favorite online jewelry shops?





Gjusta’s Opening Week

Like most people in Venice, I am a huge fan of the Gjelina restaurants – Gjelina and Gjelina Take Away (GTA). It’s a little dangerous that I live walking distance from them because I can’t resist their yogurt/granola, iced tea, kale salad, breakfast toasts, fresh pizza, turkey sandwiches, etc. When I heard Gjelina was opening a bread-specialty spot – Gjusta – last week on October 29th I knew it would be a place I needed to try as soon as possible. Although slightly further away from the other Gjelina spots, the nice Venice walk to an unexpected Sunset Avenue location makes arriving even sweeter.

Gjusta is set up with glass display cases all the way down the space with dynamic breakfast, lunch and deli items. Trendy white brick walls and a beautiful marble bar that wraps around the coffee station on top of a light wood floor create a vibe nearly as mouth watering as the food. Inside there are sporadic counter spaces for eating indoors and outside you will find a few benches to be shared while enjoying food and people-watching the members of Gold’s Gym.

This particular trip was breakfast minded but next time I  definitely want to test some lunch items as well. Filled with Venice locals sporting the typical off-duty scruffy/over sized tee/sunglasses/fresh sneakers look (that I love) accompanied by the sound of tourists’ foreign languages, it’s easy for Gjusta to fit into the Venice regime. In addition to its warm ambiance, the food looked so exquisite that it took a good chunk of time to pick what to order and to take it all in. My friend and I both decided on the bialy egg sandwich and we were both drooling when we opened the deli paper covering our breakfast goods.

My breakfast (pictured below) was a surprisingly light combo of just the right amount of over medium egg, gruyere cheese, arugula, sprouts, pesto spread and thick cut bacon on a sesame bialy. Not over stuffed or topped, this particular breakfast sandwich didn’t leave me feeling overfed like others tend to do. this particular dish comes with so many alternative choices that I can’t wait to try next time!











Tassel Town, USA

After moving into my new place a few weeks ago, I’ve been looking for ways to decorate and add some color to my all-white room. A co-worker reminded me of these tassel decorations that I’ve always loved so I decided to make some for my room in my favorite colors: mint, gold and white. Similar to the yarn pom-poms I made last winter, these dangling decorations brighten up any room and can even be used for your office or (in my case) cubicle at work.

What you’ll need:
Tissue paper, any color
Twist ties
String or ribbon
Nails or push pins for hanging


1. Fold paper in half twice and cut strips up to the folded side, leaving about one-inch of space


2. Cut the tissue paper in half so that you have two pieces of fringed paper


3. Unfold the cut half (you’ll have two layers per half) and roll against the fold


4. Roll the tissue paper into a loop at the top; I like to secure with a twist tie to make sure it will stay looped


5. Each piece of tissue paper will make 2 tassels; repeat as desired


6. String tassels onto yarn or ribbon for hanging; you can use twist ties again to keep each one in place on the string or just let hang


7.String together in any order and hang!





Back Back to Cali Cali

Well, hello there! It’s been months since I’ve posted on my blog and it’s not for a lack of interest or exploring but rather a lack of feeling settled into my post-grad life. I am such a planner that these past few weeks of chaos and adjustment threw me through a bit of a loop but I am happy to say that I am back!

I can’t believe it’s already October 1st – so much has happened over the past few weeks that I cannot wait to share and push off of as a catalyst for continuing my blog. Four years ago I never would have thought that my original TwoCoastLove blog would turn into a hobby to continue through my young adult years. I am happy and excited to say that I have never felt more inspired to keep this baby going.

Since my last post I graduated from Boston University, moved back to Los Angeles, went through countless job interviews, survived living car-less in the least-mobile city in the country, landed the job of my dreams, turned twenty-two, moved into a new place, bought my first car and have made some great new friends throughout the whole process. I am so grateful for these experiences so far and although summer was a blur with the madness of moving back to this fine city, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have it any other way. When life is chaotic and crazy, it’s important to use that frenzied energy into moving forward and – although it was hard at times – that’s just what I did. Even though I miss the East Coast, especially as fall approaches, I love the laid back vibes that LA has to offer.

The past few weeks have been filled with excitement, celebration, tears, nostalgia, apprehension and happiness – oh, and tons of yummy food – and I can’t wait to share this journey, wherever it may lead to.




Two Coast Summer: Sneakers

Two weeks have passed since my graduation from BU and I have been fortunate enough to spend some relaxation time at my parents’ house in Upstate New York. A few days out of the week I went to the city to do some exploring and soon I’ll be off to LA as well. Lately I’ve been sporting my athletic shoes for day-to-day activities and – inspired by some of my favorite bloggers and fashionistas – love pairing them with more feminine items like rompers or dresses. With bi-coastal living (and loving) coming into full swing this summer, here are a few outfit choices for both the East and West coasts. They’re simple, versatile and, most importantly, effortless.


Check out my outfit post on my Instagram: @zoegillespie

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 5.59.02 PM

(from left to right: Top Shop/Delia’s/Free People rompers; J. Crew denim top/Delia’s military jacket; various Nike sneakers)


My version: Planet Blue “Blue Life” Double Up Ruffle Jumper, LF denim military top & Nike Frees

Marathon Monday

It’s no secret at Boston University that we lack certain characteristics of a “traditional” college – we don’t have a football team anymore, a central campus, Greek houses or anything that typically comes with those three aspects of college life. We travel to places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Colorado to indulge in activities with our high school friends who chose more college-y schools than us and when we return to Boston we either ask ourselves: Why didn’t we go there? or How did we survive this weekend?

It’s a blessing in disguise that our campus is in a city because we can make our experience as college as want while being able to escape to the city for a day or night of urban fun. There’s one day of the year though that every Boston student can agree on that epitomizes the idea of college. That day is Patriot’s Day or as we know it, Marathon Monday.

Sororities produce matching t-shirts, fraternities and teams hold day parties outside, school is cancelled throughout the city, there is cheering and high energy all day and students emerge from their apartments – earlier than if they had an 8am class – to get the celebrations started. Marathon Monday is like one huge football game without the rivals. We’re all on the same team, cheering for the same people and celebrating the same cause. After the 2013 Marathon events, this year was especially celebrated and a huge part of our college experience. Growing up in LA with several rivalries – UCLA vs USC or Clippers vs Lakers – it’s refreshing to participate in a city event that isn’t divided. So when someone asks me for a “traditional” story of my time in college in Boston, I will fondly describe Marathon Monday.




Pearls (and Bows) of Wisdom

As my senior year comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing on freshman year and how strange it was to settle into a new place so far from home. Not only was the weather entirely different that day I arrived – 85 and humid versus the 72 and slightly sunny I was leaving behind at home – but the style made me feel like I was in another world. Not in a bad way I’ve come to realize, just different.

Getting ready for my very first class was seemingly easy – I had unpacked most of my clothes and my favorite floral shorts were the first to come out of the suitcase. I paired those with a graphic tee and combat boots and thought I was ready to go for my first day. I walked down Commonwealth Avenue trying to be stealth while constantly checking the map on my iPhone to make sure I was going the right way to Morse Auditorium. I slid into a chair on the aisle next to a few other girls and that’s when I saw it: a bow, a very large bow. I looked around the auditorium and saw a few more in all sorts of colors – bright red, mint, purple, white. I looked down at my beach waved blonde locks and wondered: did I miss the mem-bow? I peeked at the girls next to me and noticed that their feet were ready for a day at sea. Three different pairs of Sperrys lined the row accompanied by bright floral prints and stripes. I was definitely not in LA anymore.

At first, I was a victim of culture shock and I rejected the change but eventually I learned to embrace my own style in Boston and make my So-Cal look a little more New England friendly. Back home, tights are for style not for purpose and puffers are only worn by yoga moms who attend the 6am class. I toned down the shredded denim, open side tanks and studded pants and started replacing them with button downs, tall boots, gems and pearls. Four years later, I can also admit that I am now the proud owner of a pair of mint-colored skinny jeans, light brown Sperry topsiders, puffer vests and baseball caps for chilly fall days.

As I plan for graduation and my return to California, I’m surprised to say that I will miss the touches of prep I have stylistically adopted here in Boston. While many of my winter items will get boxed away and live in my parent’s home upstate New York only to be brought out for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will definitely be bringing some east coast items out west.

But still, no bows for me.